Dress Code

Children's Village Academy Uniform Policy


At the Children’s Village Academy (CVA), we believe quality education also consists of how students present themselves.  We expect that all students report to school clean and well groomed.  Students at CVA will be required to wear uniforms each day, starting with the first day of school, unless otherwise instructed.

Uniforms are to be worn as follows:

All Grades:

  • Boys – Navy blue blazers, white, gold (yellow) or navy blue shirts, khaki or navy blue pants, and brown or black shoes.
  • Girls – Navy blue blazers, white, gold (yellow) or navy blue shirts, khaki or navy blue skirts, shorts or slacks and brown or black shoes.


 Parents will be notified when it is okay for your child to be out of uniform (i.e. field day, spirit week, special trips).


 Recycle Your Uniforms !!!

Do you have used shirts, khaki or blue pants that your child has out-grown. If so, bring them by our school  today (ADMINISTRATION BLDG-Washington St.) and help another family in need. ONLY ACCEPTING CLOTHES IN EXCELLENT/GOOD CONDITION.


Students (male or female) must observe the following guidelines:



  • Shorts and skirts must be worn at an appropriate length. When students stand with their hands positioned by their sides, shorts, or skirts must be at their fingertips or below their fingertips.

  •  Tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, see-through shirts, mesh shirts, and clothing that exposes the midriff or chest are not appropriate. Shirts and tops should be buttoned high enough to cover the chest.

  •  Clinging or form-fitting clothing (such as sweat, exercise, or, aerobic suits) is not permitted.

  • T-shirts and other clothing that depict references to controlled substances, gang affiliations, unacceptable language and symbols,          or that may be sensitive to the culture of students or staff members are     prohibited. No clothing will be permitted that may be offensive or    suggestive to any race, sex, or religion. Pants and trousers must be fastened properly around the waist. When belts are worn belts are to remain buckled.

  •  Shoes must be worn at all times. Students are not permitted to wear athletic sandals with uniform attire.

  •  No sun/shade glasses are to be worn in the building unless it is medically prescribed that they be worn indoors.

  •  No head gear (hats, caps, hoods, bandannas, kerchiefs, curlers, etc.) is to be worn inside of the building.

Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken for any violation of the dress code.

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