Charter Renewal 2024

Fact vs. Fiction: Children’s Village Academy’s Renewal, 2024

Read about the ongoing pursuit of Children’s Village Academy (CVA) to distinguish facts vs. fiction as it battles against untruths, politics, and alternative motives that have nothing to do with educating the children of Lenior County and the decision to renew it’s charter.

In the links provided below, read informative documents that have not been widely discussed or released to the public and discover the OTHER side of the story – the TRUTH.

  • CVA appeals to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) requesting a legal hearing regarding bias in their reporting that exonerates CVA from false allegations of a disgruntled ex-employee yet continues to pursue unrelated avenues (including opinion, not legal cause) that cast doubt on the reputation of CVA and threatens its chances of renewal. The appeal was granted and is scheduled March 1, 2024.


  • The attorney of a CVA Board Member who was unjustifiably singled out in the DPI reports, although admittedly exonerated from false allegations from the disgruntled ex-employee, also takes issue with the DPI reporting and the lack of clarity around the facts, including tens of thousands in monetary donations given to the school over the years.


  • Review the numerous contributions of Math and Esther Properties (Annabell, Joyce, and Peggy) to Children’s Village Academy totaling nearly $70,000 in monetary contributions (2011 – 2017) and an estimated $500,000 in real estate property for the Dixon Street Elementary Campus sold to Children’s Village Academy for only $10 in 2002.


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